The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Simple Pleasures Edition

Drinking a glass of cold water when you’re thirsty.

Tossing a Frisbee back and forth with your children.

Holding your wife’s hand while you’re both enjoying watching a movie.

Getting into bed after a long day.

Many of the best pleasures in life are very simple ones.

My Kid Flooded Our Home. What’s the Worst (Most Expensive) Mistake Your Kids Have Made? Our living room carpet is simply in need of replacement. It’s a nightmarish pattern of stains. However, we’re trying to make it last until all of our kids are old enough that spills aren’t nearly as frequent. (@ darwin’s money)

Roads not taken Every moment of your life, you have the chance to make a better choice. You never regret it when you take the challenging and rewarding road. You often regret it when you take the easy path. (@ seth’s blog)

Got the Urge to Splurge? Use These Strategies to Fight It (or Not) I wrote about this topic a few days ago. I’m pretty happy with the method I use, but these are some other worthwhile tactics to think about. (@ get rich slowly)

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