Updated on 07.31.14

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Simple Sentences Edition

Trent Hamm

One of the most enjoyable parts of parenting a toddler is watching words and then eventually phrases and sentences start to emerge out of a verbal muck of sounds and noises. One day, your toddler is making nonsense sounds. The next, it seems that they’re making coherent words, and then pretty quickly after that, the kid is saying things like “Dad, throw ball!”

Our youngest is putting words together in new ways every day now and he’s just reveling in this ability to express himself. It’s a joy to watch.

Golden Handcuffs – Why Can’t I Leave My Job? Golden handcuffs are a real problem, particularly for younger professionals who set themselves up in a lifestyle that’s unsustainable without their job. (@ your life, their life)

How to Tell Your Children Santa Is Broke This is really good advice for people who find themselves in a tough situation like this. (@ money q and a)

The Need to Save Money is Life and Death This is an incredibly painful story, but it makes a good point: if you’re not saving, you’re giving into pure magical thinking. (@ free money finance)

Can You Tell Your Spouse They Don’t Make Enough Money? It depends a lot on what you’ve clearly established as the values in your marriage. If you’re both career-oriented people who are shooting for huge incomes so you can live a particular lifestyle, this could be brought up, I would think. If you convinced your spouse to be a stay-at-home parent and aren’t happy with their salary after they return to work after a five year layoff, I’d suggest not bringing it up. (@ dinks finance)

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  1. valleycat1 says:

    Article 2 lost me when it moved from being honest and downsizing Christmas expectations to giving the option of going out & getting a second job (hopefully at a store that will give you an employee discount too) to be able to afford presents if you can’t face being honest about your situation.

    And the third post is not about a life or death situation. The woman is in good health and is only in “dire” straits due to her own bad decisions, not only those made up leading up to the day she was laid off but in her continued attachment she apparently can no longer afford. No sympathy on that one from me.

  2. Sharon says:

    Shame on you! This was probably the worst comparision I’ve ever seen you do! Mot only did you NOT take into consideration the energy, albeit small, to cook the chicken yourself, but the effect it might have on the inside house temperature (I live in FL, heating the oven for over an hour–preheat & cooking time–warms the house and I use more air conditioning), but you didn’t account for the beverage (beer/juice) you use to set the chicken on or the spices/veggies you stuff into the chicken.

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