The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Singing Out Loud Edition

When I sit here writing, I usually have music cranked up pretty loud (often it’s Aimee Mann, as I’ve mentioned before). I have a big pile of notes around me and I collect them into an article, usually rocking gently back in forth in time to the music.

Every once in a while, I’ll just spontaneously start singing along to a song, writing while I sing. Right now, I’m doing this very thing, singing along to How Am I Different.

I can’t sing worth a lick, but the exuberance and positive feeling I get from doing so gives me the positive mood and drive to keep writing, no matter what. It moves me, inspires me, pushes me to stretch who I am and what I write.

Sing out loud when the inspiration strikes you, even if you can’t sing a bit. It really can help.

CPU will make your wallet fatter. and it’s got nothing to do with computers CPU refers to cost per use – in other words, if you focus entirely on minimizing the cost per use of your item, you’ll save money on the long run. I myself like the idea of using “cost per hour of use” for some items, like books and video games. (@ richard yong)

8 Frugal and Cost Cutting Tips for the Newly Independent A ninth tip goes along well here: swallow your pride a little. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you need to have the best of everything. You don’t. (@ girls just wanna have funds)

How to Store Your Tax Returns I store mine electronically, but I keep all associated paper documentation (receipts, etc.) in a box in the closet. Erin has another idea (probably one more sensible to many people). (@ unclutterer)

What’s Wrong With Being in the Middle Class? There’s not necessarily anything wrong with the middle class. My lifelong financial dream is simply to have enough money in the bank so that I no longer have any worry about living expenses. Anything beyond that is just silly talk. (@ mrs. micah)

What Will You Do When Gas Hits $4 Per Gallon? I don’t think much will change in our life if gas prices continue to go up. My wife might search harder for a job closer to our home, but that’d be about it. (@ wise bread)

The Poor Man’s Credit Monitoring Solution This is some seriously excellent advice if you want to keep track of your credit but don’t really want to pay for the service to do it automatically. (@ the honest dollar)

What would you do? The house is a little rougher than we expected This is a great example of the challenges of homebuying. You almost always have to compromise in some fashion and you have to ask yourself how much premium you’re willing to pay for a house that’s completely repair-free. (@ gather little by little)

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