The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Sister-In-Law Visit Edition

My sister-in-law and her soon-to-be spouse are coming to visit us for several days starting later today. I actually quite like my wife’s sisters, as they all have fairly similar personalities, intellects, and humors, so it should be a fun period.

Finding the Path Toward Your Perfect Day This is pretty similar to my oft-stated idea of making a sketch of your life as you would like to see it five years down the road. Erica’s approach is to simply sketch out what your “perfect day” would be like in the future (not an exceptional day, just what an ordinary day would be like if your life went where you wanted it to go). (@ erica douglass)

Peak Debt and Income This is a great little argument (using real numbers) that spells out why it makes sense to help lower-income folks get jobs rather than cutting tax rates for the rich in terms of getting the economy going. (@ philip brewer / wise bread)

The “7 Childrens’ Book MBA” I’ve already had several really good discussions with my oldest child about some of the meaning of “The Lorax” – not just the environmental message, but the business message, too (since banking your whole business on a non-renewable resource is a bad idea). (@ jonathan fields)

Do You Give to Panhandlers? I don’t give them money directly, though I might give them a sandwich or something like that, particularly a homeless child. Instead, I contribute to services that help people who are willing to help themselves (like food pantries, etc.). (@ man vs. debt)

Survival Tips for a Sole Proprietor These are all great pieces of advice if you’re considering a path of self-employment. (@ the digerati life)

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