The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Solo Journey Edition

A solo journey is rarely a successful one.

Virtually every single significant thing that I’ve found success with in my life has been aided in a very large way. Many of those things were aided by my wife, Sarah. Others have been aided by coworkers and mentors.

Here’s the catch: most of the time, as the journey to success was happening, I didn’t see how much they were helping me.

Almost everything you do in your life is being aided by the people around you, whether you directly see it or not. If nothing else, they’re taking pressure off of other areas in your life while you chase success.

Budgeting Is a Waste of Time It might be a waste of time to people who are naturally careful with their money, but in an America where 72% of the people are living paycheck to paycheck, I think a broad statement like this is a mistake. (A note: Ric Edelman made the statement, but the post I linked to disagrees with it.) (@ evolving pf)

Four Expenses I Couldn’t Dream of Having Ten Years Ago Lifestyle inflation is a real thing. The more income you have, the more temptation there is to spend it on various desires. (@ consumerism commentary)

Develop Your Investing Edge to Become a Better Investor My “edge” is to invest in index funds that try to match the market and then just sit on them. I think the idea of consistently being able to beat the market is a myth. (@ get rich slowly)

Accuracy, resilience, and denial These are three avenues for looking at the future. Are you able to accurately guess what will happen? Are you resilient to bad things that might happen? Or are you in denial that anything bad will happen? I bet on resilience, myself. (@ seth’s blog)

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