The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Spring Break Edition

My wife has the week off this week and we’re enjoying it.

Our kids are going to have their first overnight stay at their grandparents while my wife and I go for an overnight trip with another married couple that we’ve known literally for decades.

We’re also going to spend a few days staying at my parents’ home, a period of time in which I intend to go visit my high school English teacher (the man who convinced me I should be a writer) and present him with a signed copy of my book.

Most interestingly of all, though, is that we’re going to buy a car this week. Through most of our search, we’ve focused on late model used options, but with the astounding deals being offered on new cars (and the exceptional financing on them), we may end up actually buying new because of this topsy-turvy economy. I’ll write about this in detail once the purchase is complete and we’ve had a bit of time to reflect on it.

The best part, though, is a lot of time with the family. If the weather cooperates, some long afternoons at the park are definitely in order.

Should The One-In, One-Out Rule Apply to Friends? This is an utterly fascinating rumination on the number of friendships a person can sustain and the “one in, one out” rule that’s very useful in keeping a good grip on the number of possessions you accumulate. (@ unclutterer)

How The Economic Crisis Challenges Our Financial Beliefs For me, at least, the economic crisis is certainly testing my financial beliefs, but I’m still an optimist. I have yet to see anything that has shown me this is anything worse than a deep recession. (@ wisebread)

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Mission Accomplished: Our Shiny New Mortgage Home refinancing is a great way to save some serious money if you’re not upside down in your mortgage and you can reduce your rate by more than 1%. For us, the problem is the latter – we can’t find a refinancing opportunity that actually saves us money over the long haul because our current rate is quite low. (@ get rich slowly)

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