The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Spring Tulips Edition

Over the last week, the tulips we planted in front of our house went into true bloom. The pink and red colors look absolutely fantastic, particularly when coupled with the yellow daffodils that are in bloom as well.

Spring is here and our front step shouts it out to the world.

The Seven Stages of Failing at Self Improvement Self-improvement isn’t just a matter of waking up one morning and deciding that some major change in your life is going to happen. You’ll almost always fail at least a little. The trick is to always keep going. (@ pick the brain)

How Money Makes Us Stupid If we’re spending our money, we often look for the 800 pound gorilla solution – the big, hefty, expensive one – rather than the simplest solution to the problem. This often complicates our lives and costs us money, too. I couldn’t help but think of a sixteen piece pot and pan set when I read this. (@ jonathan fields)

To Automate or Not To Automate? There are certainly some things worth automating, but if you’re in a situation where you’re not in firm control of your account balances or you find yourself regularly dipping toward zero, you should be careful about automating things. (@ get rich slowly)

How to Set Smart Daily Goals Daily goals are usually best achieved with periods of sustained focus. Can you bring that to the table? (@ the 99 percent)

How Long Is Your Long Run? There’s really no right or wrong answer to this, though I often make the assumption that a person’s long run is pretty long. The lower the risk level in your life, the longer the long run probably is. (@ seth godin)

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