The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Stomach Bug Edition

For the last few days, my entire family has been suffering from a vicious stomach bug. I was the first to get it – and the first to seemingly recover from it. After that, my daughter got it, then my wife got it, then my son got it, almost in domino-like order. It’s been several days of misery around here as everyone recovers from it (and helps others to get through it).

So, if I’m slow to answer emails or anything just now, that’s why.

On with some interesting articles I read during the past week.

When It’s Time to Destroy Debt, Start With a Goal Specifying a goal is the core of virtually anything you want to achieve with your money, your career, or your life. It all starts with a goal, and then a plan assembled on top of that goal. (@ wise bread)

What is your free time worth to you? I think the wisest statement here is this: “Focus on defining the experiences you value most, and how to get more of those experiences, and wise money/time choices will flow from that approach.” What really matters the most to you? Put that on top of everything else. Go from there. (@ unclutterer)

The Value of an Elite College Guess who had more career success on average: people who got into Harvard, or people who applied to Harvard but didn’t get accepted? It’s all about ambition. (@ free money finance)

How to Optimize Your Computer If you have a Windows-based computer, here’s how to replicate Best Buy’s “optimization” services for free. (@ bargaineering)

How YouTube Can Boost Your Grades I use YouTube as my first stop whenever I’m learning something new of any kind. There’s a nearly infinite abundance of useful information on there that’s easy to just watch, absorb, follow, and execute. (@ hack college)

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