The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Stomach Flu Edition

Our family has been walloped by some sort of stomach bug the last few days. Our daughter got it, then I got it, then Sarah got it. The three of us spent most of yesterday in the family room, trying to determine who could move less.

Thankfully, I feel a bit better now, though I’m not sure about the others (they’re still asleep).

Measure What Matters If you’re focused on improving some aspect of your life, there are few better ways to keep yourself moving forward in the short term than measuring your progress. Track your net worth, your weight, your daily walking time, and so on. Watch your positive progress over time and you’ll see real progress happening. (@ free money finance)

Being shy about how much I make The exact details of my income level isn’t something that I feel comfortable sharing, even with my closest friends. We talk about personal finance quite often, but it’s usually in terms of swapping frugality advice or talking about our goals for the future. (@ little miss moneybags)

How Misplaced Financial Priorities Lead to Lame Excuses If you choose to pay off debt before saving for retirement, stand up for that choice. Don’t make excuses about how someone is keeping you from saving for retirement. It’s a choice you made, so stand by it. (@ len penzo)

There is no “best”! The only real metric for success is you. Are you better than you were before? It’s basically impossible to use others as a measuring stick, so there is no such thing as “best.” (@ nicole and maggie)

Succeed By Making A Promise To Yourself In essence, you do these things to raise the stakes with yourself. You’re dragging the goal front and center within yourself. (@ pick the brain)

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