The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Strange and Beautiful Day Edition

Every once in a while, you have a day that’s so filled with strange and unusual events that you find yourself just shaking your head as you go to bed, wondering how a day that started so normally could have gone down such a bizarre path.

That was my Monday.

It was just one of those days where you find yourself wondering what’s next… and then, just as quickly, life reveals something else unexpected.

Why We Overplan I used to do this. Now, I mostly just try to make myself aware of a lot of options so that I can choose among them. I don’t like to set stuff in stone because life changes too much. (@ zen habits)

10 Ways to Get More Energy Throughout the Day I really can’t afford a mid-day “lull” most days, so I use several little tactics to make sure I have energy all day long. Many of those tactics are in this article. (@ pick the brain)

My Confession: A Cheap Wedding Band A ring is just a physical object. It’s the people in the marriage and their relationship that really lasts. (@ well heeled)

Why Being Rich Is Overrated Quite often, you have to sacrifice things on the path to becoming rich, things that I wouldn’t want to sacrifice to get there. (@ prairie eco thrifter)

Caine’s Arcade This short film is well worth watching. That’s the birth of entrepreneurship, right there. (@ caine’s arcade)

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