Updated on 12.06.11

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Struggling to Write Edition

Trent Hamm

Whenever there’s a challenge going on in my life, I find it much harder to write. I find my thoughts drifting away from the words and onto other things.

For me, the best solution is to simply spend some time reflecting on that challenge. I put aside feeble attempts to work and focus on that which is bothering me.

If I do that, I tend to find resolution much sooner, and once I find resolution, the words and the focus return.

10 Reasons Your Freelance Career Is Failing I’d advise people who are considering freelance work to read this before making the leap. It’s even more important then because you can shore up these things before you even get started. (@ freelance switch)

Ten Easy to Plan, Cheap, and Fun At-Home Date Ideas When my wife and I have a date night, we usually wind up playing a board game together. It gets us face to face and talking at the table. Board games are a great conversation starter. (@ money help for christians)

Why I Still Read The Tightwad Gazette The Tightwad Gazette was a popular printed newsletter in the 1990s focusing on frugality issues. I actually still leaf through it, too. (@ saving advice)

The economics of Christmas lights Most of the houses in my neighborhood have Christmas lights. It makes for a beautiful sight on a December evening. (@ seth godin)

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  1. Roberta says:

    What a coincidence – I am almost finished rereading the Tightwad Gazette, which I also do about once a year. I subscribed to the newsletter and missed it when she stopped publishing, so her book was a must buy for me when it came out. While it’s true that some of the information is dated, and the internet has added an incredible resource, many of the basic ideas still carry weight. Also, Amy is funny, and I loved reading about her family and how they handled various issues. Even if I didn’t agree with her all of the time, there was always something worth thinking about. Two of the articles which strongly resonated with me are A Stolen Thanksgiving Speech (about gifts with which we were born – page 62 if you have the book) and War and Peas and the the followup article (about picky eaters – page 792).

  2. TLS says:

    That is a great article on freelancing. I have done freelance work for over 15 years, and this has been my only source of income for the last 8 years. It takes a lot of work and a lot of focus to be successful. I’ve had people tell me how ‘lucky’ I am to be able to set my own hours/take a long vacation/not work for an employer. But it wasn’t luck, it was a ton of hard work.

    Also, I love the Tightwad Gazette. I usually reread it every fall. I find something new in it every time too.

  3. deRuiter says:

    I own the three volumes of the Tightwad Gazette and re read them from time to time. The books are dated because they are pre internet, but ideas of how to achieve frugality are timeless. The Tightwad Gazette teaches you problem solving techniques for the frugal. Amy’s writing is amusing, entertaining and makes you think how you can also save money. I occasionally wonder how Amy’s life in retirement has worked out for her in the house in Maine. Amy’s an inspiration, she made a pile of money through writing about her her frugality. Amy worked and wrote until she exhausted her subject, published the newsletter in the three books and retired. She didn’t get bored with her subject, yet continue to flog it after she ran out of ideas. Amy (rhymes with “decision”) inspired you with her experiences, taught you how frugality works, considered her job done, finished it and moved on with her life with a wad of cash and no debt. Amy’s is a lovely success story.

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