The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Sunburn Edition

In the last few days, I’ve attended and coached multiple youth soccer games, taken a group of children to the zoo, entertained a much-loved houseguest, assisted in constructing a building, and organized a complicated trip.

I’m sunburnt and tired and my feet hurt.

Yet, somehow, I feel pretty good, too.

Broken Open to Greatness: Transforming Tragedy into Triumph I don’t think people are really interested in the “perfect” person. They either want to see someone who failed overcoming that failure, or to see someone who succeed fail in some fashion. (@ jonathan fields)

How to Live Well “Want little, and you are not poor.” Indeed. (@ zen habits)

Avoiding Student Loans Gave Me A Head Start in Life The more I study the realities of student loans, the more I think that immediately jumping into college after high school graduation might not be the best idea for a lot of people. (@ get rich slowly)

Financial Rules That Work – And Don’t Work A lot of those financial “rules” are based in reality – but they’re not necessarily based in your reality. (@ free money finance)

Why Do the Rich Get Richer? I think the best answer to that question is that people who are able to build a strong net worth don’t take things for granted. I find that the more things you assume, the harder it is to really get ahead. Never assume that your future self will take care of things, for example. (@ watson inc.)

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