The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Survey Results Edition

The survey results are starting to appear from the survey many of you took a few weeks ago (thanks again for doing this). I found three things really interesting.

70% of the readership is between 18 and 39. Which basically means… most of you are my age or close to it. Sometimes, I’m concerned that I focus too much on relating experiences that are highly tied to my age (early-to-middle career growth, marriage, having children, very comfortable with technology), but the demographics seem to match this very well.

73% of the readership earns $50K a year or more. I found this to be very interesting. If you’re earning $50K per year, your value per hour of work is at a minimum $25 per hour. Yet I often get the impression that many of my readers (meaning quite a few people earning that much) really like the hardcore frugality stuff – stuff that actually earns less than $10 per hour, for example. That’s a really interesting mix. What does it mean? I’m not sure yet.

My audience is almost 60% female. Three out of five readers are women. Again, I’m left to think about exactly why this is. One of my friends thinks it is because of my writing “tone.”

Anyway, interesting stuff. Some of the data isn’t loaded into the survey results (as of this writing), but there’s still plenty of interesting stuff to look at.

The Three Most Influential Lessons My Parents Taught Me Excellent, excellent stuff. It’s very interesting to look at how people are influenced by their parents in ways that are often hard to imagine when you’re younger. (@ frugal dad)

I Cashed Out My SIMPLE IRA An unexpected personal finance decision. Faith. Emergencies. It all ties together here. Did he make the right move? I honestly don’t know. (@ gather little by little)

Should I Take a Job That Pays Less Than Unemployment? Lots of interesting points on both sides of the question. My feeling? If the job has clear career benefits, take it – otherwise, wait. (@ wisebread)

Ratings of Big Retailers From my perspective, Costco and Sam’s Club are pretty similar to each other as a shopping experience. Saying that, I prefer to shop at warehouse clubs – there’s more space to move around and fewer people in your way. (@ free money finance)

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