The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Synthroid Edition

I’m working on a freelance article concerning thyroid conditions and Synthroid use. I’m looking for a few people that take Synthroid (or another thyroid medication) in their adult life that would be willing to answer a few questions about the experience (your name would never be used anywhere without your permission, and pseudonyms would be fine). If that’s you, please drop me a line at trent at thesimpledollar dot com with the subject line “Synthroid.” No need to provide details in the email – I’ll email you back when I reach that point in my research.

I’m writing this article because I take Synthroid myself and I’ve experienced the challenges hypothyroidism can bring to an active adult life. It’s a topic I’ve wanted to research for a long time, and I now have another good reason to do so beyond my own situation.

Anyway, here are some interesting personal finance and personal growth links I’ve found in the last week.

Planning Your Stay-Cation “Stay-cations” are vacations where you just stay at home and do local things. I really enjoy these and sometimes try to fit them into my schedule, because a week off at home to just take care of things that need handled can be really, really nice. (@ money thinking)

How to Live on One Income This is an issue that many families face as children arrive on the scene and one member of the couple makes the choice to stay home with the children. It takes planning, finesse, and sacrifice, but the rewards are tremendous. This article handles the issues quite well. (@ wealth pilgrim)

Preventing Freezer Burnout If you freeze a lot of meals, you can get a sense that you’re essentially on some sort of infinite loop with your meals – a dinnertime Groundhog’s Day if you will – where you just keep eating the same things over and over. Thankfully, there are some tactics to get around that, and this article spells them out very nicely. (@ get rich slowly)

Five Habits of Successful People I think the strongest thing you can do to become successful is to continually analyze yourself, look for the things you’re not good at, and strive to improve them. That might mean tackling whole areas where you’re bad or simply honing the specifics of areas where you’re good. (@ pick the brain)

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