The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Taking Things for Granted Edition

It’s so easy to take things for granted in our lives. We have a good thing that lasts and, before long, we kind of assume that good thing will last forever.

No good thing lasts forever without some care and maintenance. Relationships. Health. Nothing.

You have to give something of yourself to maintain everything of worth in your life. If you don’t, those good things might last for a while out of inertia, but they won’t last forever. You’ll eventually lose them.

Passion Will Get You to the Top I think of passion as a driving force, but you still need work ethic and useful skills to succeed. (@ the four hour work day)

Internal Locus of Control: Develop One, Retire Early Self-control is such a huge key to success in almost everything you choose to do in life. Without it, it’s very hard to find lasting success with anything. (@ the firestarter)

Bad Customer Service? Talk to the CEO It is always a good idea to escalate customer service issues if you don’t get a reasonable resolution, but there are several other good ideas in here, too. (@ get rich slowly)

Burn Down the Farm If the “good” things you have keep you on a path of bad habits, perhaps they’re not really good things at all. Leave behind the comfortable. (@ zen habits)

Two Kinds of Loyalty There’s the “loyalty of convenience” and then there’s genuine loyalty. The latter is worth a lot more. (@ seth godin)

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