The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Tangled Edition

Early this week, my daughter caught a case of the flu. She was feverish and spent most of Monday dozing on the couch. Her only requests for most of the day was that I sit near her, keep her water bottle filled, and that we watch Tangled. I watched it with her three times that day.

Every time I watch a new computer animated movie, I can’t help but notice how much smoother it gets and how much more lifelike the details get, even in a film with obviously cartoonish elements like this one.

I can’t help but wonder how long it will be before computer animated films are indistinguishable from normal film. After that, how long before home computers and electronics can produce such things on the fly?

What on earth will my grandchildren look at as normal?

Prospect Theory and Financial Decision Making I was actually planning out a post along these lines (and using Google to research it a bit) when I found this great article on the application of prospect theory to personal finance. To put it simply, human minds use poor comparisons to judge the prospects of an investment or a financial choice. (@ gen y wealth)

Breaking Free from Consumerist Chains Your life is not defined by the products you own. But, if it’s not defined by that, what defines it? (@ zen habits)

The Realization This is the new normal. $4 a gallon gas is the new normal. 10% unemployment is the new normal. How do we move forward from here? (@ seth godin)

How I Learned About Frugality from De-Cluttering I had a similar epiphany a few years ago. (@ get rich slowly)

Money Saving Vacation Websites for After You Purchase Your Tickets We’re using these for Seattle already. (@ frugal dad)

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