The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Tell Someone You Love Them Edition

It’s never a bad time to tell someone that you love them and that you value them.

However, if you pass on that opportunity, you might not get a chance to replicate it.

I’d rather tell someone that I care about them a bit more often than I should than to miss that chance. How about you?

Stuck in a Rut? These Tips Can Help You Turn Your Life Around. I think being “stuck in a rut” is a natural thing, but it’s also something that holds all of us back from what we might achieve. (@ dumb little man)

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love to Bargain There are very few drawbacks to bargaining. The worst case scenario is that you pay what you would have already paid. (Of course, you should only bargain when the other person is in a position where they can bargain with you.) (@ get rich slowly)

Severance Packages: Time to Goof Off or Make It Pay Off? A severance package is simply a tool to make it easy for you to move onto the next stage of your professional life. It’s not a vacation or an excuse to party – if you do that, you’re going to wind up in a difficult spot eventually. (@ girls just wanna have funds)

Understanding critical path When you have a goal, there’s always a “critical path” to that goal. Can you find it? Are you on it? (@ seth godin)

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