The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Thanksgiving Prep Edition

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving is still eight days away. However, most of our Thanksgiving prep extends over several days. Our extended family will certainly be starting with some things this weekend.

The reality is that if you spread out the prep time, not only can you make more things yourself (lowering the cost), you also are richly rewarded on Thanksgiving day with homemade items. Here are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving prep articles.

Thanksgiving Prep List This is a very useful PDF for helping you do the specific planning at your house. I plan on using this every time we host a dinner. (@ real simple)

10 Tips for an Easy and Elegant Thanksgiving These are some great tactics that allow you to make nearly everything for your meal in advance … as long as you have a large freezer. (@ two kids and a coupon)

Top 10 Tips to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving These are great tactics to use in the period before you actually start cooking to make the process that much easier. (@ full circle)

Thanksgiving Meal Planning This is more of a direct step-by-step guide for planning and prepping your meals in chronological order. (@ social moms)

Preparation for Thanksgiving 2012 This is another chronological Thanksgiving prep guide, with more of a “whole foods” perspective. (@ kansa muse)

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