The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: The Alchemist Edition

Over the last few years, about twenty different people have recommended that I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, but I’ve been avoiding it largely because of so many other things to read. Well, now you can get it for free as an unabridged audiobook, perfect for listening to on a long road trip. Just fire up iTunes, visit the music store, search for “Paulo Coelho The Alchemist” and download it for free (until July 14). I downloaded it and am saving it for an upcoming road trip, where it’ll provide a worthwhile listen.

Anyway, on with some interesting personal finance links.

Becoming Debt Free: Identifying the Why I’m a strong believer that you have to have some sort of a compelling reason to make a significant change in your life, and that includes changes in spending habits. What’s your why? (@ frugal dad)

Maybe Sometimes It’s Not Possible To Save Money I get lots of long emails from readers decrying their situation and informing me that in fact there’s no way they can be saving money. I usually respond with a list of ten or fifteen tactics they can try, and either get a “I never thought of that” message or no response at all. There’s always something you can be doing to trim the fat or earn more money. (@ all financial matters)

Biking: A Cheaper and Healthier Commute Bikes are a cheap way to commute and also keep yourself in shape. Around here, we often use bikes to go to the park or to the post office (both nice, fairly short rides from our home). (@ 60 in 3)

22 Money Maximizing Moves You Can Do Today Great ideas in here! Personally, I was happy for the reminder of tax deductions for bloggers. (@ moolanomy)

A Tour of Consumer Reports I was invited to go to this, but my book deadline completely shot my hopes of attending in the foot. Instead, I have to rely on Erin’s wonderful report. (@ unclutterer)

The Debt Avalanche The debt snowball… to the extreme! Actually, the concept is pretty accurate – this is what you should do if you want your debt gone. (@ consumerism commentary)

Would You Invite Your Boss To Your Wedding? Not only did I invite my current boss to my wedding, I invited the person I knew would eventually become my boss. Why? I genuinely like them as people. In fact, my previous boss was one of the big reasons I hated to quit – she was one of the best people to work with I’ve ever been around. (@ free money finance)

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