The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: The Giving Tree Edition

For her eighth birthday, I gave one of my nieces the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It’s one of those books that, in my mind, is a masterpiece of children’s literature, one that I wish every child everywhere would have a chance to read. I actually have a (fairly long) list of such books that I intend to read to my own children as they get older and I’ve managed to cross off a few of them already (like Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak).

What books do you consider to be essential children’s literature? Give me a few titles – they can be anything from picture books to young adult books. I’m curious to what books you’d consider absolutely mandatory for your children to read.

10 Things Warehouse Clubs Won’t Tell You I’m linking to this one because I’ve never seen such a blatant hatchet job. Among the reasons: it’s dangerous because twice in twenty years objects have fallen off shelves and hit customers, and it might take “several minutes” for them to inspect your receipt before you leave (I’ve never had this process take more than a minute, not even the weekend before Christmas). The author of this article has an axe to grind, to the point of undermining what might be a good point or two. This is, quite simply, an example of over-the-top borderline slander that anyone should be able to see through, and it discredits SmartMoney and Yahoo! Shopping for posting it. (@ yahoo via free money finance)

Ten Things I Will Teach My Children About Money This is the type of thinking that’s worthwhile for every parent to embark on. Even if the lessons that each parent considers important and worth teaching aren’t the same, the fact that a parent puts importance on such lessons is vital. Plus, sharing such thoughts gives other parents food for thought. (@ consumerism commentary)

Is the Key to Wealth Found in a Book? The answer is simple – knowledge is only one piece of the puzzle. Taking action on that knowledge is substantially harder. Most people have some semblance of an idea as to how to become a distance runner, yet most people aren’t distance runners. (@ millionaire mommy next door)

Why Good Writing Matters – And How You Can Improve Your writing ability is often the first thing people have to judge you on – and if you don’t bother to write well, that creates a negative first impression. (@ dumb little man)

Determining the Perfect Amount How much is too little? How much is too much? Getting a good sense of both helps you to regularly use the perfect amount, which can save you a lot of money and time. (@ unclutterer)

When Is It Okay to Finance Fun? I’m much more in favor of saving up for fun than financing fun. Financing fun means that, after the fun is over, you undo the joy you gained by having to face down the debt. By delaying gratification, you don’t have the downside of debt, just the upside of the fun. (@ get rich slowly)

If Craigslist Cost $1 If Craigslist cost $1, I would actually use it. As it is now, with free postings, it’s a cesspool of nonsense. This model really does work – see Ask Metafilter for proof. (@ seth godin)

Want to Hear More About the Business Side? Given the number of times I’ve been asked about how I earn money doing The Simple Dollar, I’ve considered writing a complete article along these lines to explain it. Is this of interest to you guys? (@ i will teach you to be rich)

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