Updated on 11.02.10

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: “The Novel” Edition

Trent Hamm

If you want to follow the progress of the novel I’m writing for National Novel Writing Month, I’m posting daily updates of the work-in-progress at http://trenttsd.posterous.com/. Each day that I make notable progress, I’ll be posting a Word document that contains the whole novel to date. Hopefully, at the end of the month, it’ll be a finished work – a novel with at least 50,000 words in it.

Journal Records a Friendship I wrote this essay about how one of my paper journals in college helped me build a very close friendship. (@ reimagine roi)

Handling Your Business To-Do List Here, I took a look at expanding the principles I’m talking about on here with regards to Making It All Work and expanded them into small business management. (@ open forum)

I thought I was supposed to be rich This article really lays out why I don’t always think a college education is the best choice for everyone, particularly when your educational path involves extensive study after acquiring an undergraduate degree. (@ paying myself)

7 Reasons to Rent Instead of Buy a Home I don’t think buying a home is the best choice for some people. This article makes the case very well. (@ christian pf)

What to Do When Personal Finance Becomes a Chore To me, it’s all about finding goals that excite you. If you aren’t excited about where you’re headed, it’s going to be very easy to be distracted. (@ get rich slowly)

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  1. SavingFreak says:

    The article from paying myself is awesome. Thanks for the list trent.

  2. John says:

    First, congratulations on trying to write a novel!

    My one comment is that I am not sure that sharing this novel as it’s written is the best idea. Sharing word counts might be OK. But sharing the novel itself does, I think, pose a real risk of possibly taking energy away from the work. It certainly opens the possibility that someone reading it will e-mail you to let you know what you “should” be doing. Thus, in your position, I’d be sharing with NO ONE (except, possibly, carefully chosen people I personally know) until the novel is at least a complete first draft. At that point, I might share more openly, but I wouldn’t share with the world at large until I had something that I was more or less satisfied with.

    Good luck!

  3. Trent Hamm Trent says:

    I think that defeats the purpose of National Novel Writing Month.

    I don’t intend to ever publish this novel. The purpose of it is to push myself to write a novel-length work in a month, ideally one with some degree of quality to it. By putting it out there so publicly, I’m adding personal incentive to get it done.

    If it’s really well liked, I might look into publishing it, but I doubt it will be.

  4. Systemizer says:

    “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.”

    Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784)

  5. leslie says:

    I think that the short piece you wrote about the journal is probably the best think I have ever read by you. I mean that is only the most positive way, BTW.

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