The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: The Super Money Secret That Will Make You Rich Edition

Are you ready? This truly is the financial secret “they” don’t want you to know about.

Ready? Here it is.

Spend. less. than. you. earn.

Of course, if it weren’t such a secret, no one would be drowning in debt and no one would be completely panicked if they lost their job.

How Do You Measure Delight? In other words, if you have the choice between a $5 version of an item and a $15 version of an item, what qualities does that $15 version have to have to get you to spend the extra $10 (aside from volume, naturally)? It really depends on what you value as a person – as well as how much you value $10. (@ jonathan fields)

More than You Think: The True Cost of a College Education in America This post covers a lot of the hidden costs of college, but I think it leaves out one big one: the lost income during the years spent getting an education. I have a friend who graduated roughly when I did and was making $45,000 a year as an electrician while I was in college. That’s certainly a cost. (@ five cent nickel)

Belief, Without Action, Is Dead I think the modern trick is figuring out what you genuinely believe. There’s such an abundance of information and misinformation out there that I think many people drown in it, directionless. That’s an article in itself, I think. (@ man vs. debt)

Relocating to Save Money on Housing This can certainly work, provided you can find work on the other side of the trip. (@ frugal dad)

Travel and Social Privilege If a person has the financial means to do something out of the ordinary, should they? Or should they be obligated to share those rewards with others? I don’t like any situation where one person tells someone else what they can do with the resources they’ve earned. That being said, I am in favor of a strong estate tax. (@ the art of non-conformity)

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