The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Three Bicycling Tips Edition

I’ve been bicycling a lot this summer after previously not bicycling much at all for several years. I’ve learned three simple things that really make bicycling enjoyable for me rather than the punishing exercise I imagined it to be.

Go slow. It’s not a race. You don’t have to fly along the road or bike trail you’re on. Build up a little speed, then coast for a while and enjoy the environment. Sure, if you feel up to it, go faster.

Keep your tires highly inflated. Before you go, every single time, make sure your tires are inflated well into the range noted on your tire’s side wall. I usually try to push the upper end of that range. This makes a huge difference when riding.

Avoid steep hills until you’re in great shape. Going up long steep hills is miserable for a lot of people on bicycles. Don’t start your bicycling journey by climbing a small mountain or you’ll grow to hate it.

I absolutely love pedaling around my neighborhood, rolling over to the post office, or going to the town grocery on my bike.

The best goal is no goal That’s not entirely true, because if you have no goals at all, you have no reason to ever work toward anything. Instead, work towards flexible positions so that you can do whatever you want to when you get there. Don’t work toward a goal that inherently boxes you in. (@ zen habits)

Everything Else Is Icing Whenever I get nervous about something, I think about my children and my wife. I have a great relationship with them. Everything else in my life is really just icing on the cake. (@ jonathan fields)

Paid to Eat Pancakes: The Truth About Passions Making money from your passion requires both a legitimate, deep passion and someone willing to pay you for that passion. I think the former is more important than the latter. (@ nerd gap)

31 Life Lessons in 31 Years This is simply a great list of little life lessons well worth reading and reflecting on. (@ think simple now)

Are Your Finances Fragile? I tend to believe that most people have more fragile finances than they think they do. (@ wise bread)

The Value of Following Passion in a Jobless World This is a great article about how a down economy is a great time to chase something you’ve always wanted to do so that you’re set up with a unique resume and set of skills and experiences when the economy rebounds. (@ the atlantic)

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