The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Time Versus Money Edition

Lately, I’ve been struggling with figuring out the value of my time. How much is time really worth?

Take laundry, for example. Let’s say I have ten loads of laundry to do at home. There are several days of clothes built up and the sheets need washed and the towels need washed.

My time investment on that is going to add up to quite a lot, although it will be broken up. Sarah and I would probably split this chore up over a day and a half, with lots of little five or ten minute bursts in the laundry room. We’ll probably use several dollars in energy costs doing this.

On the other hand, there’s a service nearby that will pick up clothes at your door and deliver them clean the next day. They charge by the pound and have really good reviews. My estimate is that, for the clothes that would be washed by them, they would charge about $60.

Is that a fee that’s worth it? Honestly, what I’m buying with that money is uninterrupted time. How valuable is uninterrupted time?

My initial reaction is that it’s too expensive, but I can see situations where it would be worth the cost.

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