The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Tornado Edition

My condolences and prayers go out to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado and other weather events in recent days. We drove pretty close to one on Sunday night and witnessed an overturned semi thanks to the sheer force of what was almost assuredly a small tornado.

Prayers and condolences don’t go very far, though, if they’re not followed with action. You can give to the American Red Cross either out of your pocket or with your time or with a blood donation. If you really want to help, there’s a simple step to take.

How to Simplify Your Life to Make It Better Simplification is only useful if it brings about a net positive in your life. Often, simplification achieves that, but not always. (@ prairie eco thrifter)

The Seduction of Spending The pattern of pleasure can be a tough one to escape from. Spending without care can put us into that pattern. (@ the canadian personal finance blog)

The Obstacle Is the Path The best path forward in your life usually involves removing whatever the biggest obstacle is in your life. (@ zen habits)

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