The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Total Trust Edition

How many people in your life do you trust completely? The kind of people that you’d not hesitate handing your wallet to, allowing them to dig through it. The kind of people that you’d allow to live in your house, no questions asked, and immediately be completely comfortable.

I can only think of four people (besides myself) in that group, and possibly two more. For some people that number is larger – for others, much smaller. How many people do you trust totally?

Confessions of a Personal Finance Blogger It’s often hard to follow all of the advice that’s out there. (@ gather little by little)

The New Emergency Fund I still believe the best part of an emergency fund is debt freedom – the fewer bills you have, the less money you need each month, and the more free you are to follow your own path wherever it leads. (@ consumerism commentary)

How to Cope with Frugality Burnout I cope by finding new inspirations – and also being very careful to avoid tempting places when I’m feeling burnt out. (@ get rich slowly)

16 Ways to Save Money by Not Being Normal Marketing convinces us that the “normal” way is to spend money when we don’t have to. (@ christian pf)

Identity Theft Is Too Easy – Phishing With A Fax Number There’s one simple rule to prevent identity theft – it always works. Never send any personal information in response to a solicitation of any kind. Always place the calls yourself, look up the information for contact yourself, and so on. Don’t trust the person that asks you out of the blue. (@ money smart life)

The Simple Dollar Retro: When A Frugal Life And Social Gift-Giving Come Into Conflict You don’t have to give social gifts if you don’t want to – and even if you do, there are better ways to go than shelling out cash.

What Charge Started $37,000 In Credit Card Debt? Tricia does some financial archaeology here, discovering what started a financial apocalypse. Unsurprisingly, it was something innocuous – quite often, the absurdity of credit card use doesn’t appear until the debt train really gets rolling. (@ blogging away debt)

12 Effective Ways to Afford Big Ticket Items I really like the idea of always making payments, so that when you need to buy the item, you aren’t buried in debt. Keep the interest on your side of the fence. (@ the digerati life)

It’s Going to Get Better I sometimes resort to telling myself this when I’m frustrated and sad. Thankfully, I’m usually able to pick up my own spirits and move on with life pretty easily. (@ an english major’s money)

What’s Better Than A 20% Return? Big returns don’t matter much if they’re positioned on top of an unstable financial lifestyle. (@ all financial matters)

25 Things I Don’t Want To Regret Once I Retire and Part Two The biggest thing I would regret is that I didn’t spend enough time with my children when they were young. (@ wise bread)

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