The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Travel Tips Edition

Since many of you are reading this during the workday and will be traveling as soon as you leave, I thought I would collect together some of my favorite travel, Thanksgiving, and auto tip articles from various websites.

A Holiday Travel Survival Guide A good collection of tips, plus the article includes a pretty worthwhile video. (@ msn)

Tips to Improve your Gas Mileage Before our family leaves to visit our extended families, this is pretty much the checklist I’m going to follow on the road. (@

Money Saving Tips: The Best Ways to Save on Cars (Buy an Air Compressor) One big thing to do before you leave is to air up your tires. Airing up your tires to the maximum recommended pressure can save as much as 10% on your gas total for the trip, it takes about five minutes, and it’s free. (@ free money finance)

How to Survive Thanksgiving Travel If you’re flying this evening (and quite a few of you will be), here are some great tips. These also work for other times of the year, but are particularly valuable around holiday seasons. (@ wsj)

The Personal Finance Hour #28: Thanks-Giving A great little podcast episode about personal finance and the meaning of Thanksgiving. (@ get rich slowly)

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