The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Turkey Day Edition

For this week’s roundup, I dug deep into my own site archives as well as the archives of other sites for some great articles about the upcoming holiday – saving money on it, utilizing resources effectively, and making the day as valuable to all involved as possible.

Enjoy, and have fun tomorrow.

5 Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner Besides Going Potluck A nice little collection of clever ideas here by the always-entertaining Thursday Bram. (@ money ning)

10 Tactics for a Cheaper (and Saner) Thanksgiving Dinner I wrote (and researched) this out of frustration of a few Thanksgiving dinners that had gotten out of control. (@ the simple dollar)

The Not-So-Ancient History of 10 Thanksgiving Dishes This is just pure good trivia to toss out there during the Thanksgiving meal as a conversation starter. I know I’ve stored away a few nuggets from it. (@ mental floss)

Seven Tips for a Thrifty Thanksgiving Thanksgiving – or any event where lots of people eat lots of food – offers lots of savings opportunities. Here are seven good ones. (@ the simple dollar)

Turkey gumbo: Perfect for after Thanksgiving guests This is the single best idea I’ve seen for re-using Thanksgiving dinner. (@ mother nature network)

Seven Quick Tips To Make Your Thanksigiving Dinner Cheaper, Tastier, and Faster Seven more tips for improving your Thanksgiving dinner in more ways than one. (@ the simple dollar)

A Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner This is going to be my pumpkin pie this year. (@ bay area bites)

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