The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Value of an Hour Edition

Here’s an interesting question: how much would you pay for an extra hour today? That hour could be during work. It could be after work. It could be an extra hour of sleep. An extra hour to do with whatever you like.

Now, what would you do during that hour that you bought? Sleep? Work on a big project? Goof off? Do something you’ve been meaning to get around to?

One final question. What are you doing with your time today that’s more important than what you would do with this hypothetical hour?

I find things like these really make me question my priorities.

Do You Ever Feel Embarrassed by Your Frugality? No. The people who spend all their time looking down their noses at you are wasting their own time and money. Why should I care? I think I’ll compare myself to them when they’re seventy and still working while I’m in my twentieth year of doing whatever I want. (@ one frugal girl)

Are You Living a Significant Life? This is more or less my goal every day. I make it … most of the time. (@ awake @ the wheel)

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Should We All Just Stop Paying the Mortgage? It’s a great idea – for the first month. Then the economy collapses – hard. Anyway, I thought the rant was interesting. (@ wise bread)

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