Updated on 06.29.10

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Very Short Hair Edition

Trent Hamm

I’ve officially decided to start clippering my hair very short – and doing it at home. I used to do this in college, but since then I’ve had my hair somewhat longer. Does anyone out there have a recommendation as to hair clippers for home use that are economical and foolproof?

11 Creative Ways to Avoid Becoming a Workaholic For me, the best two things you can do is to have a clear wall between work and personal life and to have a healthy emergency fund so your job isn’t a matter of life and death. (@ zen habits)

The Rewards of Frugality and Thrift (or, Why We Scrimp and Save) I agree completely. It’s not about not spending. It’s about figuring out what’s actually important to you and focusing your spending only on that. That way, you can have the best of what’s actually important to you. You don’t need everything. (@ get rich slowly)

The Cure for Creative Blocks? Leave Your Desk. Most of my worthwhile ideas come to me when I’m doing something far away from my desk. The key, of course, is jotting down that idea so that I can pick it up and run with it when I’m actually at my desk. (@ the 99 percent)

What I Learned from the Prosperity Game Whenever I participate in games like this, I usually discover that the one thing I wish I had more of is time. (@ eventual millionaire)

DINKs: Smart or Selfish? FYI, a “DINK” refers to a person in a “dual income no kids” relationship. Is that “smart or selfish”? I don’t think it’s particularly either one. I don’t think everyone ought to have children or be required or pressured into doing so. Similarly, I don’t think having kids is a bad choice, either. Different strokes for different folks. (@ dinks finance)

To DINK or Not to DINK I agree to an extent with this article (that follows up on the one above) that sometimes people make up their minds both for and against children based on false preconceptions. For example, I don’t necessarily agree that you’ll have much more money by not having kids because your spending choices and priorities change drastically when you do have kids. (@ budgets are sexy)

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  1. Vicky says:

    I like that you posted both sides of the story there, with the DINKs. I’m a DINK – I’m 24 and have already uh, gotten it secured, so that no children are coming in the future, ever.

    You’re right – different strokes for different strokes. The kind of life I lead – I don’t call it selfish, but maybe some do. But I live my life in a way that makes me happy – I’m not rich, but I love volunteering, and I do a heck of a lot of it in animal rescues and I don’t want to give that up because of children. I don’t want to give up on the ‘bad dog’ because of the safety of kids. I don’t want to worry about my career, or needing a babysitter for date night, or if my car is big enough, or what school district the house I bought is zoned for. I’m not worried about leaving a legacy behind becuase there are other ways to do so – Mother Teresa, for example, never had kids, either.

    I think kids are great for those who want them and prepare for them and raise them responsibly and bring up wonderful kids, but it isn’t for me. I’m not sure I’d label a DINK smart or selfish either, I’d say it’s just a personal choice.

  2. E says:

    Don’t go cheap on the clippers – especially if you have thick hair at all…they pull and hurt. I do my boys hair – a good pair is an investment that is easily paid for and will last for years if you clean and oil them.

  3. Vasile says:

    As for haircutting, I’m happy with Flowbee. Because it attaches to a vacuum cleaner, there is no mess. The other side of the coin is that you have to put up with the vacuum cleaner noise while cutting.

  4. David says:

    Hair clippers: Wahl.

    That is the only choice. I’ve clipped my own hair short since 2004. I had another brand for the first four years, then switched to Wahl. The difference is obvious. Quicker cut, better cut, “foolproof” for sure.

    Wahl is also a great value. There might be more expensive brands out there, but on a per dollar basis, Wahl is the best. I bought mine at target for $20.

    I cut my hair twice a week. At 300 haircuts for $20 (and at least that many more to come), I’m at less than .07 cents per haircut.

  5. mike says:

    I’ve been cutting my own hair for the last 20 years. I just go to target and pick up Wahl clippers and they last about 5 years. They usually include multiple attachments for different length. I used to cut with the shortest plastic clip-on but now I just take the clip on completely off and cut with that. Not dangerous, never cut anything, etc. Just watch your ears.

    As a side note, I’ve been using double edge razors for the last couple of years. Once you buy the razor itself (about $25) the blades themselves only cost a few cents each. Great way to save money over Mach 3 type blades and will also teach you how to shave correctly.

  6. Jon says:

    Buy a good pair of Wahl clippers.

  7. Anna says:

    I cut my husband’s hair and have for about 5 years. We use Wahl clippers and have had the same pair for the entire 5 years. They cost about $25 new and get used every 2 months. So far so good on the clipping so long as you keep them oiled and keep hairs brushed out of the blades.

  8. Raghu Bilhana says:


    Of all the posts about personal finance in the world, you had to post those non sense posts about DINKS.

    I am really disturbed about those posts. In one of those posts she discusses about the pros and cons of having children. Children are the most beautiful beings, if some one comes up with a reason for not having kids, atleast they might have come up with good reasons not that kids are dirty.

    The other two articles by Leo Babauta and Getrichslowly are very good and very good websites. Why did you put these two websites then.

    Those two articles are really disturbing, written by very very ignorant, selfish people.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I bought a pair of Wahl clippers back in 1999. It came with a variety of guards, brush and oil. I have only replaced the blades one time. It is one of the best investments I have made. I go to Super Cuts only when I need an ear and neck trim.

  10. Kat says:

    Raghu, you obviously did not read those articles, as one was written by someone who doesn’t want kids and one was written by someone who does. At least read something before becoming disturbed by it.

  11. Joanna says:

    I third the Wahl clippers. There are SEVERAL different sets, though. I was overwhelmed standing in the clipper aisle deciding between 6 different Wahl clippers. The main difference is the extra contents in the box. I use guards up to a #4. It might make sense to get a decent amount of guards even though you may not use them initially just b/c it could come in handy for Joe’s hair if you decide to cut his at home too and his style is different.

    I cut my husband’s hair (it’s not all one length so does require a fade). As a beginner it was important to start with a guard one number higher than what I thought I wanted. The beauty of it, though, is that it grows so fast that any mistakes are fleeting. :-)

    We’ve found it to be more convenient than barbers (and a more consistent haircut since he didn’t go to the same barber all the time) and it’s kind of a fun, intimate moment for us as a couple. I feel happy to “take care” of him and he is blessed by me doing so. A frugal solution and a better solution all around.

  12. Mark says:

    If you want to do it yourself, get a Remington Shortcut. http://www.amazon.com/Remington-Shortcut-Clipper-Set-Chrome/dp/B0015MQ0ME

  13. JJ says:

    I recommend Oster Fast Feed clippers. They are high quality and will last for years. They are not the most inexpensive but you will probably never need to replace them. You will probably have to order them from Amazon, etc as they are professional grade and usually not sold in retail stores.

  14. Rebecca says:

    I have a higher end pair of Wahl clippers, that came with 8 guards. I think they were about $50 and that was on the recommendation of my stylist, who said the cheaper ones burn out quick, but a good pair will go forever. I also recommend 2 sets of blades, as they dull fast but you can send them into Wahl to be re sharpened quickly and cheaply while using the other set.

    I cut my husb and 2 sons’ hair for 3 years, it is a great purchase. If you want something slightly nicer than a single length all over, see if your wife might want to learn how. Between you and your son, it would be a great skill to learn, and with the instruction booklet that came with, even the first cuts I did looked ok enough for husb to go to work. I also sometimes cut my own, as I have short, funky hair.

    Clippers pay for themselves very quickly. Even just cutting my husband’s hair for 3 months paid for the clippers.

  15. MikeTheRed says:

    DINK vs DIK is really the third rail of relationship topics. I know very few people who aren’t insanely passionate one way or another on the topic so it’s hard to have a reasoned discussion.

    I don’t feel that either of those articles really tried to look at the non-superficial reasons behind not having children. The first was more of an “I don’t *think* I want them, but am I really sure?” article and the second was a bit more of a “Money vs Deep Personal Satisfaction & Happiness”

    In the general discussion, one of the points that rarely seems to come up is that some people simply are not cut out to be parents. They’re not wired for it. For these people, having kids does not enrich their lives.

    As a newly minted DINK (was married this past weekend!), this is actually a topic my now wife and I have discussed at length as our wedding day approached and made the personal decision to not have kids. It’s not that we’re selfish and want more money to spend on ourselves. Finances actually have nothing to do with it. It’s more that neither of us have that goal or want. We’re fine with everyone else having kids. We enjoy spending time with children of friends and family. It’s just not the right decision for the two of us.

    It’s a real shame that the debate always ends up with folks feeling like their personal choices are looked down upon by the other side. It’s a debate that shouldn’t be a North vs South issue, where one must oppose the other. There’s no inherent conflict between the two decisions. People just need to not take it personally when someone decides different from them (this goes for both sides)

  16. Jason says:

    Also a fan of the Wahl clippers. I bought a set for $60 at a beauty supply store in 2003 and still use them every 3 weeks. I go to my wife when I need an ear and neck trim. Not bad for the price of 3 Supercuts (incl. tip)

    Something like this model:

  17. Mark says:

    One more vote for Wahl. I got mine maybe 6-7 years ago for about $30. In addition to the clipper itself, it has maybe 12 guards in varying lengths, scissors, and a variety of combs. I just buzz it really short about once a month, so I haven’t had need to go to a barber since I got it and it still shows no signs of wearing down. Pay for quality, it’ll last you forever.

  18. Patty says:

    I don’t think there has to be DINK vs no DINK (ie having kids or not having dual incomes). I’ve been accused of being a DINK (yes, accused…probably from jealousy) but it hurt because I want kids but havn’t been able to create them yet. I really don’t appreciate the term “DINK” being tossed around like it is always a choice. Yes, for some people it is a lifestyle choice and in my opinion either way it is their choice but for me it hurts. I am thankful for this time that we can continue saving our funds but I’d rather be a one income with kids family than a DINK.

  19. Johanna says:

    Wait, but I thought people without kids are just candles in the wind who want the human race to go extinct?

    Seriously though: The *only* reason anyone ever needs for not having kids is that they don’t want kids. There is no need to argue that one choice is better than the other, or to write out lists of “pros” and “cons,” or to argue that somebody else’s lists of pros and cons are somehow wrong.

  20. Katie says:

    As long as I live I will never understand how it could possibly be selfish not to bring actual human beings you don’t want or aren’t equipped to care for into the world. Newsflash, folks: the best parents are probably people who WANT to be parents. Everyone in society is better off if children are raised by people who actually want to be doing that vitally important work and who feel well-suited for it.

  21. Wren says:

    People can choose not to have kids for a lot of reasons that have nothing to do with money. (I know it may come as a surprise to some, but not everything is about money.)

    But, for reasons I’ve yet to fathom, every friend and stranger thinks it’s their business to quiz, prod and poke around into those reasons as if “childless by choice” is a crime. Now if I were to walk up to someone and say, “Why do you continue to contribute to overpopulation by having half a dozen kids that you then farm out to a nanny and never actually spend any time with?” someone would probably (and rightfully) be aggressively insulted. So why is it perfectly OK for someone to say to us “You’re wrong not to have kids. You’ll regret it, and you’re selfish not to”? Hmm…so I’m selfish for not taking the worse than 50/50 chances of passing on a life-shortening genetic disorder AND should have to explain that to everyone who insists on knowing why we don’t procreate?

    I don’t think so.

  22. Kathryn says:

    We use Wahl Clippers that we bought at Target; they are foolproof…

  23. Marjorie says:

    I use basic Wahl’s from Amazon.com. I think it is the chrome deluxe version. I think I paid a little under $30..on sale. Forego the Wahl combs though. Cheap pieces of caca. Go get some Oster universal comb’s from Sally’s or something. Much sturdier.

  24. Carrie says:

    My husband cuts his hair and our one year-old son’s hair at least once a month with a pair of Conair clippers from Wal-Mart. They were about $15 and included plenty of guards and a great comb. He just makes sure to clean them well after each use and they have been great!

  25. Nick says:

    I used to have a paid of Vidal Sassoon clippers, I liked them very much until they got a bit dull after about 3-4 years of use, then I couldn’t find it again in the store, so I picked up a Wahl. It works just as well, although I find the guides tend to buzz because they don’t seat perfectly on the clipper. Aside from that one thing, the Wahl has served me well ever 3-4 weeks for the past few years.

  26. Craig says:

    I picked up a Oster Classic 76 based on reviews from Amazon a few years ago and have been very happy with it. This has been my first and my only set of clippers to date so I have no other experiences from which to draw. Hope that helps.

  27. MegB says:

    @Patty–I could not agree with you more. People always act like it’s a choice, when sometimes it is not.

  28. Ted says:

    What is typically thought of as the clear wall between work and personal life, for me, has proven to be more of a problem than a solution. I actually like the flexibility of taking care of some personal business at work and firing up the computer after the kids go to bed to get a jump on work e-mails that came in after I left the office. I feel I can get more done in that mode (I use the GTD methodology to organize my action items by the way).

    Now, I don’t give my cell number to co-workers and when I take vacations, I make it clear that I won’t be responding to e-mails. So as I think about it, maybe that still is a clear wall that just fits my preferences. I’m always curious if others feel the same way I do though about having the flexibility to do work/personal stuff when it fits best.

  29. Sandy says:

    For those early 20 something DINKs: Beware how life goes!
    At that stage of my life, I REALLY didn’t want to ever have kids…didn’t feel as if I would ever be a good parent, I really liked me-time, worked around the clock, and played and travelled alot.
    One day I woke up when I was about 30 or 31 and thought “Hmm…theer is an awful lot to life that I’m not experiencing due to the fact that we’re childless”. Sure, we could work all the time, and take romantic time whenever. It just suddenly felt like it was time to experience parenthood.
    So, parents we became, and we’ve never looked back. It’s been great watching the girls grow and mature.
    Just sayin…one always has the option of changing ones’ mind.

  30. *sara* says:

    Yup, agree on the $50 Wahl clippers from a beauty supply store. Don’t waste your money on cheap ones from Target or Walmart – Even if they do last more than a few years (ours didn’t), the motor will be so worn out that your haircuts will take much longer and you’ll have to do more passes since it misses hairs.

    And don’t get a cordless one. The ones with a cord are much more powerful.

  31. Cori R. says:

    I started cutting my husband’s hair at home recently and to my surprise, he looks almost as good as when he goes to the barber! It takes practice but I’m getting better at it. It certainly saves money, we figured that by the time I cut his hair the third time, we’d made back the cost of the clippers so now every trim is saving us $17. Pretty worth it to practice a little!

    We bought the Remington precision vacuum clippers. I know Wahl is really highly recommended but the vacuum is a very nice feature to have and they’ve worked great so far. (My husband really hates the feeling of loose hairbits so the vacuum was a must for him.)

  32. Raghu Bilhana says:


    I completely agree with your statements. Hair clippers pay for themselves very quickly. My wife gives me the haircut and beleive me, it is one of the intimate moments between us two. We can chat with each other, spend some time together. She cuts it slowly so, we spend around an hour together.

    I can find Wahl clippers at our Walmart, so are they any different from what you get at other stores. I have read comments that the ones at Walmart dont last long.

    Could you recommend what exact brand of Wahl clippers you recommend from Walmart’s webpage below?


  33. Bill in Houston says:

    A good haircut is my one big frill. I’ve been willing to pay the 15 bucks for it for the past four years (and even tip five bucks) from an excellent barber because I get a great haircut. Before that I used to go to a local five dollar haircut place that gave mediocre cuts.

    See if there’s a local hair academy/baber college near you. They give discount cuts… and they’re usually pretty good.

    Unless you’re going for a crewcut I would not buy clippers… but that’s just me. Too many years cutting my own hair “Navy short” with clippers made me shy away.

  34. Anne says:

    I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair with a Wahl clipper–the same one–for close to 20 years. He has very thick hair. I’ve never replaced anything on it and it is still going strong. I run a bead of 3-in-One oil across the blades at the beginning of every haircut. I can’t remember how much we paid for it but it was definitely a good investment!

  35. Jules says:

    Finally, an advantage to looking almost 10 years younger! (I’m 28, but I’ve been told I look 16, although most people guess 21-ish). Nobody asks you about kids, because everybody assumes you’re a college student and “not ready” to settle down just yet :-)

  36. Lenetta says:

    I also have a set of Wahl clippers that I bought from Amazon, after reading about the deal on WantNot.net. I think they were under $30 shipped – it was a really, really good deal.

  37. Andy Hough says:

    Whether you choose to have kids or not you are doing so for selfish reasons. Whether you have kids or not is a personal decision.

    I don’t know what kind of clippers I have but they were only $10 and they are still going strong after four years. I don’t think there is really any need to spend much on clippers although I suppose you can justify it since you will be saving so much on haircuts.

  38. Mike says:

    I use a good set of Wahl with the length guards. I’ve been cutting my own hair myself with a #3 guard for a few years now.

  39. LoriBeth says:

    Hey, did anyone mention Wahl’s? :)

    Been using them for 2 years to cut hubby’s into his police short style. They work well, were fairly cheap, and easy to use.

  40. alilz says:

    for what you are talking about there is the option to change your mind.

    But, if someone isn’t sure they want to have kids and then has them and regrets them…that’s not something you can change your mind on.

    I’m 37 and 99% sure I don’t want to have kids, most of the time it’s not even something I think about most of the time. I have a nephew and I adore him, I wish that I lived closer so I could take him to the park and play with him but I don’t want to be parent. My brother got all the parental instincts.

    I’d rather be older and regret not having children than have children and live my life regretting that. I’ve seen the kind of damage that can do to a person.

  41. Susan says:

    I’ll also recommend the Wahl Clippers :)

    We have both Conair clippers and the Wahl Pro Basic clippers. We ended up purchasing the Wahl clippers after the Conair’s because they cut through my husband’s thicker hair better.

    We also recently bought a nice pair of hair scissors and a drape. Clean up is pretty easy too, I just just use the hose on the vacuum (it seems to do a better job catching the stray hairs than sweeping).

  42. Wow Trent, thanks so much for highlighting my post! I’ve been reading The Simple Dollar for four years and I am honored. :)

  43. Bruce says:

    Great Minds think alike, I just started with the very short hair cut yesterday. My wife has used the better Wahl clippers but we bought them at COSTCO for under $30.00 and they have the 8 attachments. We had the cheaper ones but upgraded and they work well. Only a few times in the past have I had my hair this short, Basic Training and 2nd grade.

  44. Ben says:

    I have to go against all the Wahl advocates. I had a run of the mill set of Wahl clippers for awhile and didn’t realize what I was missing until I got the Oster Fast Feed Clipper about six months ago.

    The hair sticks to it less, and the motor just feels more solid when it’s humming along. Does a much better job of cutting through shorter hair.

  45. Pixal says:

    An Aussie here with Wahl clippers, (they are the best) still got my pair after 10 years no maintenance except oiling the blades.

  46. David Galloway says:

    Another WAHL recommendation. Just go to Sam’s Club or Costco and get whatever set they have for about $30. It’s a little higher quality than what is sold in WalMart, and since you’re buying it at a warehouse store it comes with a lot of accessories usually including a not-bad quality plastic apron/towel thingy and a DVD.

    It may be better to try and convince your wife to do the actual cut. When I gave myself my first haircut with the clippers I went too far on one side, tried to balance it out by taking more off the other side, and kept repeating that routine until I went into work the next day with my head shaved bald. My wife now gives me a monthly buzz on the porch so we don’t have to worry about sweeping up the hair. When we’re finished, any hair clumps big enough to grab go in the compost pile and everything else is carried away like dust in the wind.

  47. Heather says:

    We’ve had a set of Wahl clippers that we got at Walmart four years ago and they’re going strong. We had a Conair cordless set and I agree with another poster that they didn’t work as well. Thanks to the other posters about the tip for getting the blades sharpened!

    Between the DVD that came with the clippers and You Tube, I got some great tips on how to do men’s haircuts. The DVD even showed how you can use the clippers to trim longer girl’s hair too. It has been a great investment because we can cut hair when its convenient for our schedule and it is one less errand to run. It has saved us significant money since my husband needs his cut trimmed every two weeks!

  48. Steffie says:

    You might want to investigate the ‘animal’ clippers as well, I have used the ‘Oster’ brand for 10+ years and they work great. I think that they are made better than the ‘people’ clippers, they may cost a bit more but if they last longer it would be worth it. Perhaps a groomer could chime in ?

  49. Bill says:

    I will second the Oster fast feed clippers. I have had them for more than a year and use them every 2 weeks for myself and once a month for my son. They paid for themselves after 3 months.

  50. Don Douggie says:

    As an “oldster” I’ve worn my hair short many times in seven decades and found the trick that fits our fam(ily)

    My wife found about this when she went to get her hair cut (she won’t allow me to cut her hair, though)

    We went to “Sally’s” a beauty supply store and got the Wahl “PEANUT” model, that all the beauty places use for trimming, it is really light weight, has all the fittings for different hair length … We don’t even bother with that, threw the fittings in the drawer, use the “PEANUT” with no fittings and cut the hair away …
    Saves me TIME (I still work as a consulting engineer) Saves me DRIVING in nutso traffic and I can get my hair cut WITH NO APPOINTMENT necessary.

    All hail a lovely wife … with a sharp mind … :^)

  51. LMR says:

    I bought a Wahl trimmer set at Target a few years ago for about $40 and it paid for itself the first day. I took it home and cut both my boys’ and my husband’s hair. I usually keep my hair long except when I get my summer cut. The other day I got a coupon to get my haircut for $5.99 at Super Cuts. It was a bit more with the tip, but not a bad deal. I color my hair myself, so our family hair expenditure is very small.

    Now for the other topic. As far as I’m concerned, you can be a DINK or you can be like the Duggars (19 Kids and Counting), as long as you take care of your family whatever size it may be. People who complain about haviing to pay taxes for schools will be very glad those kids went to school once they’re ready to retire and they looking to those same kids, who will hopefully become taxpayers, to underwrite their Social Security.

    Also, I don’t know why that one writer thinks she would have to have dinner on the table every night with children. What’s wrong with giving the kids a bowl of cereal for dinner once in a while? Or a peanut butter sandwich? It seems like, in her case, unrealistic expectations might be holding her back. If she wants kids, go for it. You pretty much figure it out as you go anyway.

  52. Susan says:

    Hi, Trent,
    I think we have the Wahl’s clippers also. My hubby hates to get his hair cut anywhere, but home. We got ours at Sam’s club a number of years ago. at that time it was $18 for the whole set. You might check there as I think they still have them at times…

  53. Joan says:

    My son had just reached the decision that he wanted children just before he met the woman of his dreams. When he confided that she didn’t ever want children; my only advice to him was: If you do make this agreement with this lady, know that it is forever and you can not change your mind later. Result: They have a really great marriage. My son is one of seven children.

  54. Joan says:

    I forgot to add that my son has been married for fourteen years.

  55. Susie says:

    I just found a fantastic video on u-tube on how women can cut their own thick hair. My hair doesn’t even touch my shoulders and this worked great. I’ve been so tired of spending alot of money on haircuts and I can’t believe I found a way to do it for free. I’ve gotten alot of complements on my hair. Finally something for us girls to try!


    I used this video and made 3 separate ponytails (which equal layers) and another video by the same women on how to trim your hair to frame your face. Good Luck!

  56. Mike Bowden says:

    I’ve been “clipping” my hair for well over 3 years now. Sometimes I’ll go a couple of weeks before cutting it, just to change things up a bit. But I haven’t visited a barber in probably over a year now. I had a short tent where I wore it a little longer, but needed a barber to keep it trimmed.

    As far as good clippers, just shop around. For me clippers are clippers. If they feel sturdy and look like they will last, they most likely will with proper care. The most important advice for clipping your own hair I can give is to make sure you have oil. Not just any oil either, buy some decent oil that will last awhile and that is made just for clippers. The tiny bottle they include in most sets should only last 2 or 3 uses. I found that after I clip my hair, if I spend a good 15 minutes and clean them as best I can and then oil them, the blades tend to last much longer.

    Personally I believe in buying a $15 – $20 set and using them for roughly a year, maybe two. Depends on how long they will last. My last set I got for $12 at Wal-Mart on sale and they lasted for a little over a year before they just stopped working. But the point here is to keep the blade oiled so it doesn’t dull during use. Buying replacement blades seems to be more expensive than just buying a whole new “economy” set and using it for a year or so.

    I look at it this way. If a decent economy set costs roughly $15, that’s 1 haircut a month. Good oil can go anywhere from $15 – $30 depending on the brand. So that’s another haircut. If you’re getting a haircut once a month, like most do, or even twice a month like even more do, then you’re spending $180 to $360 a year just for those haircuts and that doesn’t include your tips. This is going to a cheaper place as well, not a nicer barber shop that can cost upwards of $30 – $40 a visit.

    Buying an economy set of clippers and good oil, you’ll spend roughly $40 – $50. That’s a decent difference from $180 and a far cry from $380. It all depends on your financial situation I guess. If you can put the money up for a set of clippers that will last 3+ years, I say do it. But learn to take care of them and they can last 4 times that long. Just my $0.02.

  57. Lakie Mom says:

    I was wondering if anyone has tried using the “Flow-Bee” for longer haircuts. For those who are unfamiliar with it, it is a hair-cutting device that connects onto your vacuum cleaner. I believe it was about $40, and my “bright idea” at the time was to use it to groom my long-haired dog. I tried it ONCE; my dog completely freaked out due to the loud noise of the vacuum so close to her, and the sensation of having her hair and skin sucked by the vacuum as well. So a complete waste of money, unless I can convince my husband to allow me to experiment on his hair – Ha!

  58. Ely says:

    +1 #24 alilz
    No matter what choices you make in life, there is always the risk that it won’t turn out like you want. Personally, I would much rather regret NOT having kids, than regret HAVING them. In the first case, it’s only me, and there are tons of ways to have kids in your life without giving birth. In the second, there are other innocent people impacted, and there is no way back to the childfree life.

  59. Another vote for a good quality set of Wahl clippers. My husband and I bought ours about 8 years ago. We’ve used them monthly for 6 years and only replaced the blades once.

    We bought a different brand for use overseas and they didn’t even last the 2 years we lived over there.

  60. JB says:

    re: Dinks

    Disclaimer: I’m a little wound up about this as I just came back from a holida gathering and got the annual grilling about why I don’t want children.

    Amen to everyone who pointed out that for most of us, the “children or no children” (for those who have a choice) isn’t like deciding how much to spend on a house–“if we buy in the really fancy neighborhood, we can’t eat out 3x per week” etc. Just as some people feel the urge to have children, some just don’t.

    There is no greater responsibility in the world than being a parent. If you’re not 200% sure that you want children, I’m convinced that you should not have them. We all see the result of children who are not given all the love and devotion they need and deserve.

    I don’t hate children, in fact, I love my neices and nephews very much and spend a significant amount of time and money being an active and willing participant in their lives.

    I think it’s far more selfish and detrimental to everyone to have a child just because you think you “should”.

    Children are not puppies. You can’t give them back if it ends up being more than you bargain for.

  61. icup says:

    “Does anyone out there have a recommendation as to hair clippers for home use that are economical and foolproof?”

    Doesn’t really matter if they are economical or not. Even if you get a really expensive pair, they will pay for themselves within a few haircuts. I was paying ~$13 per cut per month at Supercuts before I started just shaving my head at home. My clippers were paid for after 3 haircuts.

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