The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Warm Blanket Edition

During the day, when my kids are at school and my wife is out of the house at work, I turn the furnace off and the house gets rather cool.

When that happens, I often just wrap myself up in a warm blanket as I work. It’s a big, comfortable thing that’s just cozy to sit in.

In fact, I’m wrapped in it as I type this.

The Purpose of Money Money is a medium of exchange, nothing more. Someone gives you money for your time, your energy, or your things. You give someone else money in exchange for their time, their energy, or their things. Good personal finance is all about maximizing those exchanges. (@ matt about money)

Consumer Is King, Believe It or Not. Act Like One. This is a great response to getting a lemon product. (@ one cent at a time)

A Place of My Own This is a really surprising post. I’m not sure what else to say, but I felt I should link to it. (@ get rich slowly)

Economic Lessons from “Farmville” For me, the real lesson of Farmville is the microtransactions. I’m amazed at how many people will pay a few bucks to get a little bit ahead at this game. (@ free money finance)

The first thing you do when you sit down at the computer “Let me guess: check the incoming. Check email or traffic stats or messages from your boss. Check the tweets you follow or the FB status of friends. You’ve just surrendered not only a block of time but your freshest, best chance to start something new.” Indeed. (@ seth godin)

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