The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Wesabe Discussions Edition

I usually don’t talk about groups that directly sponsor The Simple Dollar, usually because I feel indifference about their product or because it’s new to me and I haven’t made up my mind about them. After the experience of the last week or so, I feel compelled to make an exception.

Those of you who are observant and who visit The Simple Dollar website regularly have probably seen the new ad on the right hand side of the site near the top for individual discussions going on at Wesabe. For those unaware, Wesabe is a personal finance site that provides budgeting tools, personal finance tips, and a lot of discussion forums, plus compared to the competition, it has the most secure data policies as well – you don’t have to actually give them your account information.

When they first launched, I was fairly critical of them in two respects: their privacy policy wasn’t clear (even though I respected how they actually handled the data) and it was difficult to browse the other content on the site. The very first commenter on the post was Marc Hedlund, one of the cofounders of Wesabe, who explained what was going on and basically pledged to do exactly what I requested. Lo and behold, within just a few months, they had done exactly that.

Later on, when I compared Wesabe to Quicken Online and Mint a few months back, I gave the most positive nod to Wesabe (though I didn’t fully endorse any of the three). In fact, Wesabe was the only one of the three that continuously drew me back to poke around, even though I didn’t actively use their budgeting tools. I often poke around their discussion forums and other areas.

That’s why I was thrilled to be able to work out a deal with Wesabe where they became sponsors of The Simple Dollar. Rather than just being a typical ad, they wanted to highlight some of the aspects of the site that would be of interest to anyone, even if they weren’t interested in sharing their data – and that’s their very strong discussion forums. Since I already lurked there a fair amount (meaning I visited without commenting), I was perhaps more happy with that sponsorship than any sponsor that I’ve ever talked to.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to simply encourage you to check out the Wesabe discussions. They’ll be sponsoring the site for a while, so if you’re interested, give one of the discussions a click (they’ll rotate regularly). I’ve already been poking around in there and I found the ones about eating on a budget and the spending addiction of a spouse quite interesting (the second one actually spurred a discussion with my wife and in part led to my decision to abstain from book buying for a year). I hope you’ll give them a peek – they’re really worthwhile.

Now, for some personal finance articles.

How to Make Money Tutoring: I did this in college for some spare money for a while. Most of the time, I wound up “tutoring” people who wanted to pay me to write papers for them. Since I wouldn’t do that, I didn’t make nearly as much money as I could have. (@ free money finance)

Sales of SPAM on the Rise This is actally the mirror image of my recent post about spending more to eat healthier. (@ gather little by little)

15 Ways to Make $200 Quick An excellent “man on the street” question with a lot of interesting and varied answers. (@ christian pf)

The Garagenous Zone: Tips to Organize Your Garage Our garage often devolves into a disaster area over time, mostly because of our incessant need to hold onto boxes. One big problem with that is that it often results in a sense that we can’t find anything – which has actually caused us to do unnecessary things like borrow screwdrivers and, in one case, buy some paint. (@ unclutterer)

How Much Money Should a CEO Make? This is a difficult question, but I think it’s pretty fairly addressed here. (@ wise bread)

There Is NOTHING Unpatriotic About Retiring Early I heard someone try to feed me this line a few days ago. Not impressed. (@ mighty bargain hunter)

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