The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Winging It Edition

Writing The Simple Dollar is a lot of fun. I truly enjoy sharing my thoughts with you, and I love reading the comments that all of you leave. They’re insightful and often thought-provoking.

Where I get into trouble is when I try to figure out new avenues to go down. I have enough breathing room now to start another major initiative. Should I start a new blog? Should I focus on writing another book? Should I try one of my other crazy ideas?

Right now, I sit at a crossroads, trying to figure out how I can reach the most people with my thoughts and ideas.

I guess I’ll do what I did when I started The Simple Dollar. I’m going to wing it – and see what happens.

Stay tuned.

How Cheaply Can You Brown Bag Your Lunch? Leftovers. Leftovers are always the key. Of course, these ideas are solid, too. (@ all financial matters)

Work-Life Balance Is a False Choice I think that most people who struggle with a work-life balance haven’t yet figured out what is the most important thing in their life. They’re pulled between conflicting desires, but haven’t resolved things yet. (@ brip blap)

Organize Your Finances: Take Just One Step… That’s really the key. Take one step. Then when you feel confident in your footing, take another. That’s the key to any journey in life, and personal finance is no different. (@ pt money)

How and Why to Freeze Your Credit I’m linking to this because a reader recently wrote to me with an identity theft scare and I suggested she try this. An hour later, nickel posts about it. (@ five cent nickel)

Stupid Mistakes and Escaping Paycheck to Paycheck We all mess up. That’s why emergency funds can be vital. (@ mrs. micah)

Five Tactics for Pursuing Voluntary Simplicity I feel, more and more, that I’m headed down the voluntary simplicity path in my own life. It’s not necessarily by active choice, but more like a boat slowly changing direction in the water. (@ get rich slowly)

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