The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Winter and Summer Edition

One of the most challenging parts of having three children of different ages is that they seem to pick up sicknesses then pass them to each other, and just as they finally all get well it seems like another one gets a cold of some sort. I just want this season to be over with.

It’s funny. In the late stages of winter (right now), I look forward to summer. In the late stages of summer, I look forward to winter.

Accepting False Limits Everyone accepts some false limits. The people who accept fewer false limits, though, are the ones who succeed. (@ seth’s blog)

Is Entrepreneurship Right For You? I think it’s right for more people than are out there being entrepreneurs, but I don’t think it’s right for everyone. (@ jonathan fields)

Newton’s First Law of Personal Finance Most of us, by nature, resist change. If a lifestyle change is suggested to us, our default reaction to it is usually negative. Even if we can just move that switch up to neutral, it can have a profound positive impact on your life. (@ mrs. nespy’s world)

Raising Money Savvy Kids One section really stood out for me: “Before age 10, I knew what my father’s salary was, the amount of our mortgage and the interest rate we were paying. I knew how much a week’s worth of groceries cost and the value of buying term life insurance and investing the difference. Parental actions can be ambiguous, but when they are accompanied with a commentary of values and decision-making skills, they offer sage mentoring.” Indeed. (@ free money finance)

Interview: The Simple Dollar I did a brief interview recently with Jane over at and thought some of you might enjoy reading it. (@ debt

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