The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Work as Game Edition

I recently realized that, in a lot of ways, I treat my work – professional, household, and so on – as a game in a lot of ways.

I keep score. I try to top that score. I know that the best way to do that is to look for better techniques and improve my focus. I feel really good when I break that record.

Games can teach a lot of good lessons about real life.

Wine Buying for Frugal Folks A lot of inexpensive wines are very, very good. I’m a pretty big fan of Charles Shaw wines from Trader Joe’s. “Two Buck Chuck” is quite good. (@ get rich slowly)

The Four Types of Impulse Purchases I actually think the “planned impulse purchases” are the most nefarious of them all. Planning to buy something you don’t need or even really want just because it’s cheap? Really? (@ happiness project)

The easiest way to disagree with someone … is to assume that they’re uninformed and that you must provide knowledge for them. It generally doesn’t end well. Why not try a different approach? (@ seth godin)

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