Twelve Little Things

These were nice little nuggets from posts that never came to complete fruition. I thought the little pieces were still worth sharing, however.

A vase full of fresh flowers in the entryway to your home makes a far better first impression than thousands of dollars in furniture.

Spending a minute turning off every light and electrical device you can before you go to bed is probably the most valuable minute you’ll spend all day in terms of financial return on your time.

Walk everywhere you can. You’ll feel better, give a good impression to others, and save some money, too.

If you’re going to be late paying a bill, call the person or business you owe. The negative impact will be far less than if you just skip paying it.

Whenever you’re thinking of spending money on entertainment, ask yourself what exactly about this situation entertains you. Then, ask yourself if you couldn’t get that same exact entertainment for much less money.

It feels like a waste to eat a dinner out with friends when the restaurant is so noisy that you can’t hear them. Thankfully, one’s dining room table is usually perfect for conversation.

Children are expensive, but children also keep you at home when you might be going out and spending money and they keep you from dallying and buying impulse items in the grocery store.

A bed is one of the most vital purchases you’ll make. Without a good bed that provides you with a great night of sleep, every day will be filled with the cloudiness of exhaustion. Pay attention to where you sleep well and make sure your regular sleeping area matches it. This way, you’ll always have plenty of energy to do more and earn more during the day.

Just because you want something does not mean you must have it. Fulfill that want and another want will just spring up in its place. Make sure that fulfilling that want actually does something more for you than just sating an immediate desire.

When I think of the specific things that make me happy, they’re usually experiences, not material items. If I’m going to spend money, then, I’d rather spend it on the experiences, not the stuff.

You are just a misfortune or two away from being in someone else’s plight. If you think that you’ll never be among the seriously ill or the disabled, know that any day could see you getting into an accident or having a DNA error that would lead you down that road. There’s not much distance between the well and the ill.

A skill that is useful to a lot of people is worth a lot of money, whether through employment, bartering, or the money that skill saves you. Cultivate some of these skills and you’ll always have a ticket to the things you need.

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