Want 31 Days To Fix Your Finances In One Easy To Read File? Here’s How To Get It!

Several readers suggested converting the popular 31 Days To Fix Your Finances series to a single file for easy reading. I’ve been hesitant to do this for several reasons, but due to the repeated requests, I have assembled an eBook that contains every entry in the series in Adobe Acrobat format, one handy document that you can print off and use as you wish.

I spent a significant amount of time preparing this PDF, essentially compiling the information available at that URL into a single, well-formatted document, designed for easy reading. It ended up being nearly a small book in length – 60 pages, in fact. If you print it out like a book, it would take up 15 sheets of paper and form a 60 page booklet – a nice sturdy pair of staples in the middle would do the trick! In other words, it’s basically a personal finance book in electronic form.

Great! How can I get it? If you would like this file, click this link. It will take you to a special PayPal page, where you can pay $2 securely and safely and download the file.

Why are you doing it this way? First, I spent a significant amount of time preparing the document so that it is easy to read and also so that it will print well in a booklet format – not exactly a task I enjoy. Second, I don’t want to place it up on the server for anyone to download because I’m concerned that it may become very popular and devour all of my bandwidth very quickly. Third, I’m interested in seeing whether or not there is any merit to the concept of micropayments and micropatronage as a method of ensuring content that people enjoy on the internet. On the other hand, I also want information to be free. This is the best concept I had for balancing all of these facts and ideas.

What’s the catch? There is no catch. Once you have the PDF in your hands, you have my full permission to give it away in whatever way you’d like. Mail it to everyone in your family who may be having financial problems. Send it to all of your friends. You can even post it as a free download on your own site as long as you also include a link back to The Simple Dollar. The only thing you may not do with it is sell it on your own, as this information is meant to be free.

Be sure, though, that the HTML version of 31 Days will always be free to anyone who wants to read it. This method of distributing a PDF copy of it is merely an experiment. I will never, ever distribute any content via a paid PDF that isn’t already available for free on the site.

Again, if you want a PDF copy of “31 Days To Fix Your Finances,” just click this link and pay $2 via PayPal.

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