Welcome to the New Simple Dollar

At The Simple Dollar, we cut through the complexities of our everyday financial lives to set forth a framework of principles that can guide our everyday financial decision making, and help us all become more intentional about how we acquire and use money. In my personal experience, as in Trent’s, the concept of connecting our deepest values to how we use this tool called money was life changing.

While the principles we espouse are simple, we recognize that our lives are not all in the same place, and that we often have competing interests.

Through our new design, logo, and branding we want to dive deeper into the complexities between where we are and where we wish to go, so that we can all travel a more intentional path toward independence together. I hope you like it.

Logo Brings Perspective

The simple silhouette of the dollar bill keeps us connected to finance, while also functions as a lens through which we can focus and bring new perspective to our everyday challenges.

I personally imagined the logo as a way for me to think about my values and which of my actions, expenditures, pursuits “fit” in the box, versus what could or should be left outside.

Additionally, this concept allows us to bring perspective to the idea that personal finance, while integrated into every corner of our lives, does not fully comprise our lives. In fact, there is much more to us individually, than what our bank account says.

We will use our logo and imagery to zoom in when we can drill down and focus, but also zoom out to bring a bigger picture perspective when needed.


Imagery Brings Content to Life

No doubt, one of the first things you likely noticed is the use of imagery. Personal finance, and specifically personal finance education tends to be nuts and bolts, words and numbers. In my experience, there is no shortage of personal finance education – the information is out there.

However, we as human beings (me personally!) have a very difficult time taking that information and creating the habits and practices that create meaningful change. We will use more imagery to help connect these dots, bring more life to the everyday challenges we face, and help to greet people with a wink in times of uncertainty and stress.

Navigation Delivers the Relevant Content for You

Over the next few months, we will be organizing our content into easy to follow “series” that are more relevant to the arc of your personal financial experience.

For people who enjoyed the old site navigation, you’ll feel right at home. We kept our core topics, since they’re key mechanisms of personal finance:

  • Education: Information on higher education and student finance.
  • Credit and Debt: Information around credit cards and credit card debt.
  • Investing: Everything on the topic of investing – from online platforms, to real estate and setting yourself up for passive income in retirement.
  • Money: All about banking.
  • Insurance: Current trends, concepts and issues in the world of insurance.
  • Home and Life: Information on home and recreational fiances.
  • Consumer Advocacy: Current articles on trending issues related to the consumer. From EMV credit card scams to identity theft and hacking.


I sincerely hope you like the new design. We have worked hard to bring it to life – but it will be an ongoing effort to get it perfect. I welcome your feedback so we can always keep improving on and delivering the right experience to help you achieve your financial goals.

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