What Color Is Your Parachute?: Overview

What Color is Your Parachute?This week, The Simple Dollar is reviewing the latest iteration of the classic job hunting book What Color Is Your Parachute? It was named one of the Library of Congress’s 25 Books That Have Shaped Readers’ Lives more than a decade ago; is this updated version still as powerful today as it was then? This week, let’s find out.

I first received this book as a gift for my high school graduation, and it served as a bible during that fateful summer between high school and college. Based on the cover, I expected this book to simply be a guide on how to find a job and when I first opened the cover, I didn’t anticipate it to be much more than tips on how to write a resume and such.

By the end of the first chapter, though, I realized that this book was something entirely different: rather than simply being job advice, it was a guide to figuring out who you are and, based on that, defining your career goals. Basically, most of the book is a series of activities that you can follow to help you decide on a career, or select a different one if you current career isn’t working out for you.

I’ll say it right now: if you’re secure in your current career or are very sure of your future career, this book isn’t particularly helpful – but it isn’t written for you. However, if you’re unsure of your current career or have no idea what to do with your life, this book has the potential to be quite powerful.

What Color Is Your Parachute? is updated on an annual basis, so in order to write a review of this book for The Simple Dollar, I picked up the latest revision and went through the book again. In some ways it was eye opening, in others it was a walk down memory lane. But the real question is whether or not the book is useful for you.

This week, I’ll walk through this book, offer up some of the information and exercises contained within, and on Friday deliver my final decision on whether this book is worthwhile.

What Color Is Your Parachute? is the eighteenth of fifty-two books in The Simple Dollar’s series 52 Personal Finance Books in 52 Weeks.

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