When the Moment Is Lost

Our lives are a series of moments, back to back.

In each of those moments, we have the power to make a choice.

Do you buy this item… or that item… or skip a purchase?

Do you play with that little girl who is showing you her doll… or do you tell her you’re busy with the eighty different things you ought to be doing?

Do you put your arm around your wife after you’ve had a disagreement… or do you roll over the other way and drift off to sleep?

Moment after moment after moment. Choice after choice after choice.

We’re human. We don’t always make the right choice, though we strive to make most of them correctly.

The moment passes, and we’re left with the result of the choice we made.

You bought an item and took it home, only to find out it wasn’t exactly what you’d hoped.

You choose to do something “constructive” instead of playing with that little girl, only to find later that she’s growing up into a young woman that doesn’t need you around any more.

You turn away from your wife, only to find that your marriage has gone a little colder.

We look back on those moments later and we regret them. I know I certainly do. I remember so many decision points in my life where I made the wrong choice.

That regret is a poison, though. It’s a trap.

It keeps us thinking about the past when instead we should be looking at the choices of the present and the future.

I bought an item foolishly once. Now, I know I should do a little more homework before I spend my hard-earned money.

I didn’t play with my little girl yesterday when I should have. Now, I know I should put some time aside for her today.

I didn’t bond with my wife after our spat. Now, I should set aside some time just for the two of us.

The moment has passed, and the choice regretful.

However, a new moment always beckons, with the opportunity to make the right choice.

Look forward to that choice, not backward to the mistake.

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